Call for Papers

        The journal publishes write ups of original research and scientific investigations dealing with ecosystems, natural resources, and related fields. Contributions from all DENR Bureaus and Regional Offices and attached agencies are encouraged. Contributions from research institutions, schools, state colleges, and universities are also accepted. Manuscripts submitted to Sylvatrop should have not been published in other technical journals.

        Articles must be drawn from research, data collection, analysis and interpretation of data. Full length papers or short articles on original work or experiment or primary data by first hand observations. Articles from thesis and dissertation are also accepted. If based on secondary data, an article may be considered if it is an original analysis of the data. Examples are model formulation using scientific, analytical or mathematical methods. Review of books and monographs are also publishable. Research notes on on-going and completed projects are acceptable.

For an article to be meritorious, it should satisfy at least one of the four criteria:

1) Articles intended for publication should be original and a contribution to new knowledge on ecosystems, environment, and natural resources.

2) It must be something about applied research relevant to DENR mandates and addresses certain clientele needs.

3) It must also be something that proves or disproves previous research findings.

4) And lastly, it must have current social, economic, or cultural and environmental significance to government and private sector.