Scope of articles

Sylvatrop accepts articles based on the following criteria:


a.       Article must be original and should add something to the body of knowledge on Philippine ecosystems and natural resources

b.      It is about applied research relevant to DENR mandates and addresses certain clientele needs

c.       Something that proves or disproves previous research findings

d.      Should be of current social, economic or cultural interest to government and the private sector.


Kinds of articles

Sylvatrop accepts articles on ecosystems and natural resources topics with current environmental, social, economic, and cultural significance. Submitted articles may be:


a.       Full-length papers or short articles on original work or experiment or primary data by first-hand observations are also accepted.

b.      Articles from thesis and dissertation

c.       Review of books and monographs

d.      Research notes on on-going and completed projects

e.      Interpretation of primary/secondary data using scientific/analytical tools

Authors who will be able to publish their articles in Sylvatrop may receive P30,000 as per DENR MC No. 2016-04 - Incentives for Authors of Technical Articles in the Sylvatrop, the DENR Journal and for Other Purposes.